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    "Eduversity “The career planet” offers unbiased guidance to help you choose a course that aligns with your goals and interests."

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    Eduversity “The career planet” offers a comprehensive range of services to help you achieve your career goals, including course selection, university selection, application assistance, visa assistance, pre-departure briefing, and post-arrival assistance."

As an information portal, our responsibility is to guide you through the process of selecting the appropriate university. However, any fees or payments related to your courses must be made directly to the university through their official website.

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Shivam Tiwari

Thanks to my online MBA from GLA Online University, my career is on track. Their flexible study options were perfect for me. I'm immensely grateful to cplanetedu.com for helping me find the right online courses and universities that suited my needs. Thank you, cplanetedu.com, for your invaluable support in shaping my academic journey


My career got a major boost with the online MCA from Online LPU. Their flexible study options fit right into my life. I can’t thank cplanetedu.com enough for being my guide, finding online courses and universities that really clicked with what I wanted. cplanetedu.com, you’ve been a game-changer in my academic journey. Thank you

Vartika Rao

The online BA in Mass Communication from Chandigarh University was a game-changer for my career. Their flexible setup fit perfectly into my life. A huge thanks to cplanetedu.com for guiding me to the right courses and universities. You've made a real difference in my academic journey. Thank you!

Shristi Arora

The online M.Com program at Amity Online University was a turning point in my career journey. Its flexibility was a perfect fit for my life. I owe a huge thanks to cplanetedu.com for being my compass, guiding me to the best courses and universities. Your support truly made my academic road smoother. Thank you!


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