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15Dec 2023

Comprehensive Guide to Jain Online- Fees, Admission Procedure, Courses, Affiliation, Placement, and More

JAIN is a deemed private university and ranks among the top universities in India. Located in Bangal....

09Dec 2023

All About Amity Online University 2024 Courses, Fees, Admission, Placements, and More

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30Nov 2023

Choosing the Right Online University-Factors to Consider Before Enrolling in an Online Course

Thinking about taking an online course? Selecting the perfect online university or college is just a....

22Nov 2023

Master Your Future| Explore Amity Online University's MBA Program 2023-2024 Fees, Specializations, Eligibility and Review

Boost Your Career with Amity Online with India's Top Online MBA Program! Amity's Online MBA is an....

20Nov 2023

UGC-Guidelines for Studying Two Academic Programs Simultaneously

Education in today’s world is evolving, aiming to make learning more engaging, flexible, and compreh....

07Nov 2023

Online v/s Distance Learning| Exploring the Best Fit for Your Education

Learning and education are crucial for everyone. Learning strategies and teaching approaches are evo....

27Sep 2023

Top 10 High-Demand Specializations in 2023 How to Make the Right Choice?

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15Sep 2023

List of Universities Verified by UGC for Offering Online Courses in 2023

This updated list of UGC-approved universities for offering online courses in 2023 serves as a valua....

12Sep 2023

Online and Open Distance Learning Degrees Now Equally Valued as Conventional Education.Do You Know?

COVID-19 made education different, and UGC changed the rules. Now, online & distance degree is just ....

09Sep 2023

Student's Pre-Enrollment Guidelines for Open & Distance Learning (ODL) & Online Programs.

UGC issued a public notice on August 23, 2022, with reference number F.NO- 1-14/2022 DEB. In this no....